Captain’s Log Stardate 06122021

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My crew and I were set to rendezvous with other Starfleet Academy cadets (other students) at Ragwat 6 to attend a birthday party. My anxiety was quite high because I hadn’t presented as female to my oldest son’s middle school friends. I wasn’t worried as much about what they’d think of me; I was more concerned with the ramifications it could have for my crewman as he returned to Starfleet academy. I scheduled a meeting in the observation lounge in order to brief my crew and to assess their thoughts and feelings with me presenting as a Trill (trans). The crew was supportive and prepared for any negative repercussions. I was quite nervous as we touched down on Ragwat 6.

As we arrived to our coordinates, I sent out a subspace transmission to other captains on the Starfleet forums (Twitter) for a bit of support. I really wanted to hail someone directly but didn’t have the time. Nonetheless I was heartened by the rather large response I got from other captains. After some bureaucratic formalities, we were set to meet up with the other cadets.

The formal meeting itself went by much sooner than I anticipated. Almost immediately, everyone set off to go engage in the various aquatic activities available at Ragwat. The cadets were being supervised by another captain and I decided to squeeze in an assessment with a prospective crewman (a date in this instance). It was a decision I later regretted.

My son actually dated the girl on the bottom right last year, though it just sorta fell away

I set course for the McKines system and met with Chief Engineer Kevin. The engineer seems like a friendly enough individual though several of the things he said concerned me. For example, Kevin hadn’t registered his vessel (car) in the sector despite being here for 2 years. There was also a mention about a drinking habit that he believes he needs to get under better control. I was a bit displeased about these things but aside from that he seems earnest. It doesn’t hurt that he is handsome. I agreed to a second assessment (date) with him because he seems easy going and is a good listener. During our walk I snapped a few pictures of the sights we seen.

Once the assessment concluded, I set course back to Ragwat 6. I found that the main supervising officer wasn’t really keeping track of the cadets. Though I trust the judgement of my officers, I was a bit displeased that I had to retrieve the crew on my own. I wasn’t really in the mood to interact extensively with the other cadets or other senior officers. I gathered my crew and had them brief me on their experience.

I guess there were a few a whispers about me being “the dad” but nothing negative. Also, one of the girls said to my daughter, “Why is your dad dressed like a mom”? My son said he is undaunted by their opinions and if they are his friend that they won’t care about me. I was heartened to hear that he seemed emotionally hearty. We all beamed back to the ship as the day came to a close.

One thought on “Captain’s Log Stardate 06122021

  1. Not really sure why I’m trying so hard to stay in contact with somebody she doesn’t want to stay in contact with me I miss our friendship.


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