Captain’s Log Stardate 06202021

I set out for an early rendezvous with Trill (trans male) Counselor Godwin at Riverton 3. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the counselor as I had limited communication with the Trill before meeting (as friends). Usually, I do a lot more vetting of individuals I meet from the intergalactic dating exchange especially given that we didn’t meet in public location per se. Still, I’ve grown to trust my ability to assess others and felt safe meeting at Riverton 3. As we began our walk, we came across this memorial.

Directly opposite of the memorial was some baptism taking place in the distance. I was unable to discern what the letters spelled out but it appeared to be a proper name. The baptism seemed to foreshadow the spiritual conversation Godwin and I would have just shortly thereafter.

I’m always somewhat vague about the specifics when it comes to talking about my transition from atheist to a spiritual person. Its been a deeply personal journey that I always feel a bit uncomfortable talking about because I can’t objectively prove the various experiences that got me to this point. In fact, I still have a tad bit of skepticism about the very nature of the experiences I’ve had. I hope to one day be able to fully elaborate on them in the book that I look to finish writing. Once everything is meticulously detailed, my vagueness will make a lot more sense. After talking at length about his beliefs and mines, we also talked about being trans, raising children and what we’re looking for in a partner.

Godwin is probably the closest I’ve found to a peer in a long while. The counselor is quite emotionally mature and spiritually attuned. I think he’d make a great addition to any crew. That being said, we met under the condition of friendship because he is still technically married and is looking for a polyamorous relationship. I’m only looking to have one commanding officer and I’d rather not compete for the captain’s attention. I could see in his eyes during a moment of vulnerability that there’s still some emotional attachment to his wife; if only an attachment to what could’ve been as opposed to what is. With him going through a divorce, trying to get a doctorate degree and his other responsibilities, a friendship is probably the only dynamic he’d have for someone such as myself. I actually was a bit surprised that our interaction stayed entirely platonic; at some point I expected a subtle pass or compliment but our time came to a close without any flirtation occurring. Going forward, I do look forward to following Godwin’s journey and building our friendship.

The rest of the stardate was delightfully uneventful. I watched some Star Trek on the holodeck and rested. The crew was peaceful the entire day! I almost forgot I was a captain except for the bit of time I devoted to making dinner.

2 thoughts on “Captain’s Log Stardate 06202021

  1. I am glad you have found someone to open negotiations with, remember being a member of Starfleet is an honor not a right make sure that they are deserving of admission!


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