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One thing I’ve learned out here in the universe is that the trial never ends. Life seems to continuously dole out challenges and lessons. Though things have been relatively good for me of late, it’s been difficult for some of those within my circle.

What’s R2D2 doing here?! This is blogtrek, not blogwars!

There continues to be a hemorrhaging of officers (coworkers) aboard Starbase 701 (work). Due to the classified nature of work here, I am unable to give specifics or openly theorize about what happened. I will only note that I’ve personally taken measures to keep my interactions with coworkers strictly professional. I believe others here are taking a similar tact.

Chancellor Brandi informed me that she was drugged by some guy at a bar and the guy kept trying to get her in inside his shuttlecraft (car). For awhile, it seemed she was going to avenge this injustice but luckily, it seems she came to her senses. For awhile, I wondered if my next phone call from the chancellor would be from the brig (jail). I worry a lot about Brandi but feel very limited in my ability to help.

The asian grandparents remembered that they have 3 grandchildren and showed up just about unannounced

I recently befriended a shipless (homeless) woman by the name of Ruby. Her barge (car) is adrift just outside Starbase 701. I started interacting with her because I seen some guy yelling at her then started to assault her. I had to get involved and threaten to call federation authorities (the police). She was in tears and I consoled her. I brought her some cold water and shared some of the snacks I had.

The next day, as temperature soared into the triple digits (100⁰+F, 37⁰+C), I brought some ice out to some of those at the encampment and seen the same guy that assaulted Ruby sleeping in the barge. She insisted that he is generally a good guy…. I didn’t agree with that assessment but continue to engage her nonetheless. I gave her a resource guide and pointed out some good numbers to call. As of today, she hasn’t called our program and that has me slightly annoyed. She seems to really appreciate the help I’ve given her and wrote a letter to me. I appreciate the gratitude but hope she also initiates some phone calls.

Letter from Ruby

I spent Sunday and Labor day with Admiral William. We went to an anime convention with Bella, ate out, went swimming and spent some alone time together. He told me he loved me and cried happy tears. William is a sweetheart and took significant steps in overcoming his limited mobility, his fear of covid, his sleeping schedule and is open to the possibility of moving. It’s all happened so fast I haven’t really even fully processed it. I was ready to move on.

Lurking on the right side is Admiral William! His first appearance on blog trek!

At this point, I think I am just going to prioritize the things that are important and time will tell me whether this is a relationship that should be a priority or just a (lovely) distraction.

Me as Sailor Mercury

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