Captain’s log Stardate 06052021

Listen to this episode The intense interstellar radiation (heat) continues to prevent me and the crew from going on away missions. They seem to be content spending their time on the holodeck (computer/smartphone). I feel a bit stir-crazy. Being confined to the ship reminds me of the worse days of the galactic plague (covid)..I missContinue reading “Captain’s log Stardate 06052021”

Captain’s Log Stardate 05302021

Listen to this episode Our ship was on course to the Roselyn cluster when my science officer detected an unusual gravitational distortion on our long range sensors. Lieutenant Tino looked through the scope in order to determine what was causing the distortion. Upon closer inspection, my officer discovered that an unknown vessel was responsible forContinue reading “Captain’s Log Stardate 05302021”

Captain’s Log Stardate 05242021.4

Listen to this episode Upon entering my ready room, I found a priority one subspace transmission from Starfleet command. My first officer and I were ordered to meet a section 31 operative in the Natoma sector on the planet of Bassbol 7. Curiously, we were commanded to take a shuttlecraft down to the surface insteadContinue reading “Captain’s Log Stardate 05242021.4”

Captain’s Log Stardate 05222021.2

Listen to this episode As captain of our ship, I typically try to give my crew and I ample time to rest so that when the duties that come with being an officer arise, we are ready to undertake our responsibilities. The plan for today was to leave the ship in orbit over Earth, letContinue reading “Captain’s Log Stardate 05222021.2”