The Transition


I’ve wanted to transition since my teens. I mostly just cross-dressed during the time and flirted around online. I met my late wife who knew and was somewhat supportive but only to the extent that I stayed indoors and not share any pictures. She passed away December 6, 2017. In 2019, I decided to cross-dress again shortly after mother’s day that year. I was still quite overweight.


I was over 200lbs. I resolved to lose weight by going to walk daily for an hour a day no matter the speed and swim for an hour.

August 2019, wearing my wig
October 2019, wearing wig
No makeup pre-hormones later November
Mid January, on hormones. My favorite boy pic
March 2020, about 4 months on hormones. Not much in the way of actual “top” development yet.

I’m having a hard time finding an image that shows my “top” development without it being explicit. This is the closest I have that shows something without it being “too much” You still may want to skip past

It took me til June 2020 to go wigless.

Post Jaw Sugery

Recovered from jaw surgery,doesn’t look that different to me

Post-Op Facial Feminization Surgery

February 27th 2021
Current profile pic, obv my favorite hahahaha

The next transition will possibly bottom surgery. That’s still about a year away and I have a lot of time between then and now to decide if that’s what I’m going to do.

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