The Characters

Me: Quirky, Star Trek obsessed trans woman raising 3 kids that works as a peer support specialist with the county Also is coming to terms with a universe very different than she thought she knew.


Tino (14): My eldest son, brilliant yet sarcastic and lazy. Sometimes toxic gamer obsessed with League of Legends. He usually does rise to the occasion when it comes to doing the right thing and being responsible. He’s also become significantly more emotional of late which I’ve interpreted as being partially attributable to going thru puberty

Leslie and Tino

Noah (12): My middle child. Generally quiet and polite but can become quite emotionally disturbed if provoked or something doesn’t go his way. Prefers to be left alone, generally deferential to Tino but aggressive towards Bella.


Bella (10): My daughter and the youngest. Can go from being the biggest sweetheart to defiant on any given day. She has some insecurity about her intelligence and feels left out, which I try to help her with. Otherwise, very personable


Michelle: My late wife (passed in Dec 2017), and mother of my 3 kids. We were together for 15 years. Tho physically gone, her memory and impact continues to present day.

It’s probably impossible for me to spend more time engaged with another human during this lifetime. We chatted daily for hours til we met, weeks worth of time over the phone, worked with each other at several job sites, took college courses, raised kids and went many different places together for over 15+ years.

Now I spend most of my time alone when I’m not engaged with the kids.


Brian/Brandi: My most recent ex. An at-times insightful other times emotionally disturbed individual trying to come to grips with their gender identity.

Eric: Long-distance friend that has become very fond of me. Loves the playing the guitar. Can become very volatile and belligerent. As time goes by, he starts to show that there may be much more to him than it appear.

Raymond: I’ve known him since I was 8 years old. Laid back and highly principled but has generally kept his distance from me until recently though probably has spoken to me the longest amount of time outside of Michelle.

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