Captain’s Log Stardate 05132021.8

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Our crew (the kids and I) was assigned to the Landis system (a park) to monitor the inhabitants to see if the civilization was ready for Federation membership. The Landis system has a number of prosperous planets located within. Observing the living conditions, I couldn’t help but to think that some of the citizens are living in a relative paradise. In order to stay positive, I eventually turned my attention elsewhere

I’ve been staying in regular contact with General Brandi/Brian and Chancellor Eric. Somehow, I find myself trying to help people who are probably doomed to their miserable lot in life. I suppose I consider it my penance to try to help those that seem beyond redemption because I feel like I was helped despite my previous dire trajectory. I know most people are inclined to say that they don’t have any fucks to give. I always felt like I had a few left, though there’s few left. Eric at least has had to wherewithall to realize that he’s on thin ice with me and it’s supposedly on a different path; one leading to sobriety. I’ve heard that song many times from my mom and Brian. He’s still intriguing so at the very least I’ll give him a bit more rope.

I called Brian out for being a scumbag due to the fact that he’s currently taking advantage of a methadone patient. He’s under this assumption that he’s helping the addict though… From everything I can tell they’re both using each other till the next better thing comes along. He sent me a love song via subspace (text). I just can’t believe that me and him were once so closely allied. Meanwhile, Brian is convinced he’s doing the right thing…

Aside from working out a lot and doing a lot of chores, I’ve been working on launching my own webpage. It has been a lot more tedious than I thought it would be. I’m going to try and have it ready by tomorrow and then once again focus on my writing. I hope to make it easier for people to access my writing and pictures because somehow, discord is less accessible for some people. Going forward, I’ve got a variety of short stories I’m going to push out but also I’d like to put together 2 separate books. During the interim I’m applying for some jobs that I can do remotely. I been spending a lot and need to bring in some money. For now, I’ve decided to cut a few expenses. Til then, I’m ready to set course for my next adventure Star Trek the next generation closing credits music

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