Captain’s Log Stardate 05142021.5

I spent my morning rather frustrated by my lot in life. I then channeled that energy into my walk and subsequently into my swim. It was only about halfway through my swim that my anger subsided. When I think on it further, I believe part of my frustration has to do with failing to get other powers to join the Federation.

I’m finally ready to be assigned to another post (get a job) but I’m unsure how I’m going to manage my duties as far as taking the crew (the kids) to Starfleet Academy (school) and watching them if I have to go to a job site.

I finally got around to seriously working on this site. It took me hours upon hours. I’m sure it’d take a professional maybe 2 hours tops. For me, my specialty is in counseling, not engineering. I continuously had to look up tutorials and click around til the site looked like I envisioned.

I had previously resolved not work on the Sabbath but I find myself here…I believe God knows I’d just end up thinking about how to get my site up and running anyhow. I really plan to rest tomorrow and spend time with the crew.

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