Counselor Troi’s Office: Session 4

Troi: I’ve noticed you missed the last couple appointments and yet you initiated this subspace transmission? What’s changed? cou Me : I need someone to talk to. Troi: Don’t you have William to talk to? Also, last I recall you had been developing some friendships. Don’t get me wrong I love talking to you. Me:Continue reading “Counselor Troi’s Office: Session 4”

Captain’s Blog: Stardate 04212023.6

As meteoroids (raindrops) gently pelt the outside of my ship, I find myself thinking about the various individuals I have come across during my travels through the quadrant. During my younger days in starfleet academy, I used to believe that I was the only person that felt so alone. Experience has taught me that lonelinessContinue reading “Captain’s Blog: Stardate 04212023.6”

Captain’s Blog: Stardate 03232023.4

Some days, I find myself daydreaming about resigning my commission as a starfleet officer. I imagine myself traveling throughout the galaxy unencumbered by responsibilities, deadlines or burdens. A part of me is so weary of the internal and external struggle that existence in this physical realm is. And yet… I could never stop being aContinue reading “Captain’s Blog: Stardate 03232023.4”

Captain’s Blog: Stardate 02062023.4

As I began to work at my post today, I received a subspace transmission from Dr. McCoy’s office (the vet). I was confused because I wasn’t expecting a hail from sick bay. They confirmed that it was my crewman and then stated, “He’s dead Jim”. Officer Shadow (our black cat) got stuck by a passingContinue reading “Captain’s Blog: Stardate 02062023.4”

Captain’s Blog: Stardate 02032023.2

As Starfleet officers, one of our primary objectives is to seek out new life and new civilizations. Recently, artificial intelligence has emerged as something available to the public in the form of ChatGPT. The A.I is able to understand complex questions and expertly answer them. Have machines finally achieved sentience? What constituents sentience? Sentience refersContinue reading “Captain’s Blog: Stardate 02032023.2”

Captain’s Blog: Stardate 12312022.9

As our ship completes another orbit around Earth, I find myself looking back on the year that has gone by. At the beginning of the year, I was just settling into my new position aboard Starbase 321 (work) as a counselor. The crew was infected with the galactic plague (covid) and I was still tryingContinue reading “Captain’s Blog: Stardate 12312022.9”

Counselor Troi’s Office: Session 3

Troi: So you finally made it back for another appointment. It’s been awhile, how’s your relationship with William going? Me: It’s over. Troi: Already? Me: Yup. Troi: I read in your blog that there were some concerns you had living with him. Me: Yea…he’s a good person but I don’t think we were compatible. IContinue reading “Counselor Troi’s Office: Session 3”

Captain’s Blog: Stardate 12052022.8

During my journey through open space, I have encountered many alien species; some hostile and some friendly. On more than one occasion, I’ve considered bringing some aboard the USS Zamora to join the crew. Yet, only William has made the leap from Federation ally to potential crewman. William has been staying aboard the USS ZamoraContinue reading “Captain’s Blog: Stardate 12052022.8”

Off the Record

It’s been a long time since I’ve last written. There’s so much that has happened that I feel like I’m going to forget to mention something. At the same time I felt like nothing real notable has happened. Still, I miss the writing process and here I am once again at it. Tino getting aContinue reading “Off the Record”