Captain’s Blog Stardate 09112021.2

Our ship was docked at Starbase 460 (SDA church) for repairs when I came across a retired admiral who engaged me in conversation. After some superficial banter, we began to converse about various subjects and eventually touched on music. She talked about not liking Janis Joplin because she didn’t believe in God. Our conversation endedContinue reading “Captain’s Blog Stardate 09112021.2”

Captain’s Blog: Stardate 09062021.4

As our ship flies out to its next mission, I find myself staring out the window gazing into infinity. Though time and space may go on forever, as far as I know being over 40 years old means my existence is just about halfway over. During my existence, one of my top pursuits has beenContinue reading “Captain’s Blog: Stardate 09062021.4”

Captain’s Blog, Stardate 09022021.3

As Starfleet officers, my crew and I always look forward seeking out new life and new civilizations. Lately, we have found ourselves exploring Bajoran space. Starbase 460 (Seventh day Adventist church) had an uncomfortably large amount of people crammed into the space station considering the galactic plague. I’m not fond of big crowds nonetheless IContinue reading “Captain’s Blog, Stardate 09022021.3”

Captain’s Blog, Stardate 08272021.4

Our ability to undertake missions has been adversely affected by the dense ionized nebula our ship finds itself in. (Wildfire smoke has drastically reduced the air quality) Additionally, it has been difficult to conduct away missions when the interstellar radiation (the temperature) reaches above 90 millirems (degrees Fahrenheit). Still, with some shift adjustments, we’ve beenContinue reading “Captain’s Blog, Stardate 08272021.4”

Captain’s Log, Stardate 08212021.4

We arrived at Natoma 2 to gauge the planet’s water levels. The planet has been experiencing drought like conditions and our crew wanted to document how severe the situation was. Upon our arrival, it was quite evident that water levels are at a record low considering the location we beamed down to would normally beContinue reading “Captain’s Log, Stardate 08212021.4”

Off The Record

An extemporaneous log of my thoughts and feelings Within most of us is the desire to become godlike. To be free of pain and suffering and to have ultimate control. Heck, I probably think about it more than most people. Some of us think about asserting our will over society; perhaps destroying countless millions andContinue reading “Off The Record”

Captain’s Log, Stardate 08082021.8

We were on the edge of Federation space, observing the Cordovo nebula when we detected a previously unknown planet within the nebula. Current scientific understanding of nebulas seem to indicate that planets shouldn’t be able to form within nebulas. Looking to further learn about the planet, our crew took a shuttle craft to this ClassContinue reading “Captain’s Log, Stardate 08082021.8”

Captain’s Log, Stardate 08052021.5

We were mapping the Folso sector when my crew decided to beam down to Willows 3. The class M planet was abundant in lush foliage, marsh and rocky outcroppings. While conducting routine scans and documenting our findings, I had a lot weighing on my mind. One thing that was on my mind was the factContinue reading “Captain’s Log, Stardate 08052021.5”

Off The Record

(A more extemporaneous log of random thoughts and feelings) Grr…I’m tired of being sick already. Tired of being tired. I’m not sure what I want to do or what I’m supposed to be doing but I’ve grown impatient. I keep almost waiting for some outside intervention to occur..I suppose if I wasn’t experiencing what IContinue reading “Off The Record”

Captain’s log, Stardate 07302021.2

The last few days I’ve been confined to my quarters. I thought that I had caught the galactic plague but after being tested by Starfleet medical, I was cleared of covid despite having very similar symptoms. Nonetheless, it was a scary and trying experience. Our three Caitian crewmen have got a long well and haveContinue reading “Captain’s log, Stardate 07302021.2”