Captain’s Blog Stardate 09112021.2

Listen to this episode Our ship was docked at Starbase 460 (SDA church) for repairs when I came across a retired admiral who engaged me in conversation. After some superficial banter, we began to converse about various subjects and eventually touched on music. She talked about not liking Janis Joplin because she didn’t believe inContinue reading “Captain’s Blog Stardate 09112021.2”

Captain’s Log Stardate 06022021

Listen to this episode The last few days the crew and I haven’t been on any away mission due to inhospitable conditions outside our ship. Our shields (air conditioner) have held off the intense interstellar radiation (triple digit weather) but has limited our ability to explore the quadrant. I’m glad that Starfleet Academy (the school)Continue reading “Captain’s Log Stardate 06022021”