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Our ship was docked at Starbase 460 (SDA church) for repairs when I came across a retired admiral who engaged me in conversation. After some superficial banter, we began to converse about various subjects and eventually touched on music. She talked about not liking Janis Joplin because she didn’t believe in God. Our conversation ended shortly thereafter.

This fallen tree looked like some monster. I played with the lighting some to emphasis the features.

I always find it peculiar when other officers try to judge each other; especially celebrities. Most of the time, we only have a few low quality snapshots of those we come across. Only an omniscient being would be able to take into account a person’s biology, upbringing, intelligence, motivations over time to be able really judge adequately. Our primal reaction is to see someone acting or believing a certain way and to condemn them, assuming that’s how they’ll always be. I think a lot of times if we were able to see how far a person has progressed despite their difficult past, we would be a lot more sympathetic.

Another captain said the following to me, “I’m starting to accept the fact, I don’t know how to interact with others so well…. I find it hard not to tell em to shut up. how do you do it?”.

Me: “At different points we all have bad days, weeks, months, years even. I just assume that they are having a bad day/week etc.

At different points in my life, I have found myself saying things I shouldn’t. Not only that but I’ve lashed out at others who were only trying to give constructive criticism.”

Later this captain said, “I hate religions, all them. Catholics killed lots people, so f them, I get ‘notre dame though, the history that was lost’. Big whoop, it’s materials”

Me: “My take it on it is this:

I don’t necessarily think the problem is the main tenets of belief; the concept of loving one another, being humble, disciplined, not being overly indulgent, knowing there’s something more powerful than yourself and that you’ll be held accountable for your actions eventually.

I think what happens in most large organizations is that the power-hungry psychopaths get into positions of power and steer the organizations to follow their own corrupt goals.”

Captain X: “Maybe true, but why they gotta be know it alls? Or they say something I take offensive, and I say anything in regards to it, I’m the bad guy?”.

Me: “I agree with you on the know-it-all thing. When people feel like they have THE Truth, then by that logic , everyone else that doesn’t believe exactly like them is wrong and/or stupid”.

Captain X: “We worship celebrities, and inanimate objects..but then idiots be like. “Omg the art, history “

Me: “People donating money at the time wanted to do it to serve God’s will but then the people in charge use it to further their own ego and legacy.

Imagine how much more they could help people with all that money they’re spending on maintaining this fancy building…And a lot of the other people just are too brain dead or caught up in their own shit to really realize what’s happening”

There’s actually a coyote if you look closely nearly dead center

Captain X:, “Syria had advanced medical and other tech, but they had to March on em in Jesus name..You and I could be living in the Andromeda system and banging aliens.

Me: “Outside knowledge threatened the ‘all knowing’ popes and bishops ..The thing is there’s nothing in science that necessarily threatens the basic principles of being spiritual. It just undermined the powerful.

People like me need to rise up and take it to these fuckers. I just ..I dunno how.

Just…don’t let the bullshit of some believers distract you from the what’s out here… Most people are poorly educated, overwhelmed by life and just shitty..I can only encourage you to quiet your own mind and listen…there really is something else on the boundaries of perception here with us…”.

As I put in coordinates for my next mission, I find myself wondering about the logistics of trying to implement my perspectives.

This orchid looks like it has some mini alien inside of it

10 thoughts on “Captain’s Blog Stardate 09112021.2

    1. Have comments always awaited moderation? Or is that something you just added because of me? LOL. I truly do miss talking to you though.


  1. No I see you went back and erased all my comments, which is fine they were all personal I just have no other way of talking to you, and I miss you and still don’t understand why you won’t talk to me everybody needs a friend from time to time


  2. I really don’t know what to do every time I put myself out there I just get hurt again, I’m not ready to try it again but I wish my suicide attempt was successful. The help I’m trying to get isn’t coming very easy. I had counseling appointment set up which the counselor missed on Monday so they reset it up for Tuesday and then Tuesday she couldn’t make it so now they put it off for about two weeks. So even when I try to do what I’m supposed to but it’s hard. Probably don’t want to be my friend anymore because of all my whining I’m sorry


  3. I’ve always been upfront and honest with you about sharing our videos and I’ve been respectful when I talk about you but I should have realized that that’s not a path that you are on and I should have stopped sharing them already my apologies. As for you and I you have no idea what kind of damage you are doing, what kind pain you are causing how many tears have been shed with your name on them. Every time you tell you are no longer going to talk with me it cuts way deeper than you can begin to imagine. Maybe it’s just the thought of you that I am still in love with but never a day goes bye that I don’t think of you often. YOU ARE KILLING ME. I want so bad to have you as friend and to try and be your friend but the tears are like running water as write this. I can’t understand why you do it and I’ve asked you a thousand times if you cannot be my friend please, and I so can’t believe I’m going to say this, don’t ever call me or take a phone call from again. I’m hurting so bad inside from having to write this that definitely leaning towards just killing my self tonight I can’t live this pain over and over and over again. I do love you in whatever weird way it is I DO LOVE YOU! And it’s tearing me apart all over again. I would much rather you be my friend than be die but you can’t seem to do that for me. I’m so lost out here


  4. What you read was about Robin not you do you think I feel that way about you not even close and am listening to you and I don’t know if I would be going back to church if it wasn’t for you and I just told you how things you said had helped me. WHY DO YOU FEEL THE NEED TO DO THIS TO ME I just finally was able to release all feelings for Robin and let go of her please don’t make me loose you at the same time. That wasn’t about you


  5. So I just was able to cut emotional ties to Robin she’s basically dead to me otherwise I worry I care to much, so that’s what though want from me? You wish to be dead in my eyes? Say the word


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