The Mirror Game

A bit after coming home from the movies and having a great time, I decided to play what I call the mirror game. At first, he didn’t notice me copying him. Once he noticed, he then progressed to seeing it as a form of connection as we were mimicking each other in unison. At one…

Counselor Troi’s Office: Session 4

Troi: I’ve noticed you missed the last couple appointments and yet you initiated this subspace transmission? What’s changed? cou Me : I need someone to talk to. Troi: Don’t you have William to talk to? Also, last I recall you had been developing some friendships. Don’t get me wrong I love talking to you. Me:…

Captain’s Blog: Stardate 04212023.6

As meteoroids (raindrops) gently pelt the outside of my ship, I find myself thinking about the various individuals I have come across during my travels through the quadrant. During my younger days in starfleet academy, I used to believe that I was the only person that felt so alone. Experience has taught me that loneliness…

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