Captain’s Log Stardate 05162021.6

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Per our orders from Starfleet, the crew and I went on shore leave, mostly. I did take lieutenant Tino to sickbay in order for my chief medical officer to administer his covid shot. I’m due back in sickbay for my booster shot this Thursday. Subsequently, our ensign layed in a course for the Lagunis system.

Surprisingly, the crew had resisted the idea of going on an away mission. Yet later on they seemed to enjoy thier time. I did have to save my lieutenant from one of the animals during the mission, otherwise things went smoothly.

The following day, I took Tino swimming. I forgot how much he used to love to spend time in the water next to me. If there was no artificial cap I think we could have spent hours swimming with each other. I think it’s something that I want to try to make be his thing. Bella has her piano, Noah has his cooking, and I wish that we had a swimming pool here so he could do that here but the Y will have to suffice for now. I am a bit disappointed that the launch in my website only got like three likes and barely a blip. I’ve got more traction out of meme posts! Yet, I’m going to try to be undaunted by this and press forward. Nothing worth having comes without hard work and I need to get at it and the other things I’m trying to do.

🎵 Star Trek The Original Series closing credits music 🎵

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