Captain’s Log Stardate 05172021.9

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Starfleet had our ship sent out to the Millerite sector to investigate one of the planets in further detail. Long range scans indicated that the fourth planet in the system was an uninhabited riparian habitat, the type of location that would be ideal for future Federation colonist.

Sacramento River

Our crew beamed down to the surface and it wasn’t too long before we came across rudimentary living structures. Upon closer inspection,many of the dwellings had signs they were recently occupied.

My first officer, an expert in xenoanthropology, noted that the dwellings were similar to those constructed by aboriginal Caitians. (Cats) As we journeyed further, our sensors picked up signs of life. Just outside the view of our viewscreens lurked some native inhabitants. Although we were unable to formally document them visually, they continued to observe us from afar. Additionally, we came across cave drawings that seemed to show these natives were sentient and had an affinity for artistic endeavors.

Eventually, the ship was recalled back to patrol the neutral zone. I forwarded our report to Starfleet. Perhaps on a return visit we’ll be able to establish first contact.

While flying to the neutral zone, I had a lot of bureaucratic duties to take care of aboard the ship. During my time at academy, I’d spend a lot of time looking forward to the day that I’d be captain (parent). The sort of freedom that comes with captaining your own ship and having a crew is something that is pushed on younger cadets as the ultimate achievement and path to happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I love going on away missions and the rapport I have with the crew (kids). Just…the constant stream of administrative responsibilities that comes with being a captain can be grueling and irksome at times. There are moments I think I just want to get in a shuttlecraft (car), turn off the navigational array and go wherever the solar winds take me. Then again, it probably wouldn’t be long before I wanted a ship and crew once more to lead. As they say, the spacial anomaly is always brighter on the other side.

As an aside, I loaded full resolution pictures here and if the site is taking too long to load please let me know and ill reduce the resolution on future posts. I hope what I put here has made your day a lil better.

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