Captain’s Log Stardate 05192021.3

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This is the second day that our ship is in orbit around Landis 3 (a park). Our crew was assigned to explore the lush planet and report our findings. Although it is a routine assignment, exploration and discovery is the main mission for Starfleet during times of peace

I find myself endlessly fascinated by the unique flora and fauna found on these undeveloped lands. Vulcan have some remarkable architecture and the Tellerite planet of Francion has some wonderous art, but nature’s power and beauty is unmatched by man-made creations.

When I’m immersed in nature, I feel connected not just to the various forms of life out here but also experience more of a connection to my crew given that there are fewer things to distract their fleeting attention.

Back on the ship, I found myself scrolling through dating profiles. As it stands now, jumping into a relationship is probably a distraction and an indulgence for me, but I find myself wishing for adult companionship nonetheless. I’ve been extra picky for the most part.  I’m hoping to take it slow and find someone that is emotionally healthy, financially stable and more importantly, someone that’s compatible with me and the crew.

Chancellor Eric and I have a close allegiance but I don’t think he’s ready to join any coalitions. I suppose that is sensible considering that his last ally declared war on his planet and he’s still repairing the damage.

Regent Dan’s flight path may bring him in close proximity to Federation space.  It would be quite interesting to have one-on-one in-person negotiations (possible date) with the regent. His civilization would mesh well with the Federation though at least at this point they kept us at a distance as they have more pressing internal matters to deal with that would interfere with any potential allegiance.

As this log comes to a close, I’m optimistic about the future although I still have a bit of bureaucratic duties I need to undertake during the interim.

Sacramento River

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