Captain’s Log Stardate 05202021.2

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Starfleet received an emergency distress signal from a subspace beacon located not too far away from where our ship was deployed. We were ordered to provide immediate assistance.

Our ship set course for the coordinates provided to us at maximum warp.

As we arrived to the planet, our sensors did not pick up any signs of life. Eventually, my science officer was able to pinpoint the last known coordinates of the ship that sent out the distress beacon. We set out immediately in our shuttlecraft to try to find any survivors. Atmospheric conditions interfered with our ability to transport down.

It was a race against time as both of the suns on the planet were setting; a circumstance which would result in plunging temperatures that would hamper any search and rescue operations.

Eventually, we were able to find the crew that sent off the distress signal. As we returned to our shuttlecraft, we were unable to depart. My chief engineer discovered an issue with the thruster coils. We went back down to the crash site to salvage one of the thruster coils from the wreckage. It wasn’t easy but my first officer was able to pry the coil from the wreckage and fit it on our shuttlecraft.

After returning the displaced crew to their native planet, our ship set course to the Rosevidian system. Here on the ship, there was an abnormal amount of malfunctions in our subsystems. Various parts of the ship fell into disrepair for seemingly no reason and in one instance inexplicably. Just to give an example, the top of a chair just came apart on its own. Two of the galley drawers also came loose. There have been a number of other unusual occurrences that happened which even my crew noticed.

Personally in retrospect, I blame the occurrences on some negative energy that I put out after feeling a bit of envy over the success of another captain. This is not a conclusion I would have came to even a year ago. I would have attributed these issues to random occurrences or perhaps some sort of sabotage by the kids or just the fact that some of the things on the ship are just in disrepair because of age. I used to be a person that was confined by the bounds of rationality and empiricism. Yet…since insisting that any sort of God, demons, alien or extra-dimensional beings show me they exist, I have had some rather bizarre experiences that have changed my mind as to what is possible and out there. I’m always afraid to express these feelings because I worry about how others will perceive me. I’ve always believed in the Carl Sagan quote, ” Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. I’ve yet to be able to document something empirically although I’ve had a few instances that I documented but nothing irrefutable.

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