Captain’s Log Stardate 05212021.2

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I finally was given the opportunity to have a bit of shore leave. Usually, I don’t have the chance to visit a planet without having a member of my crew in tow. Although I missed the companionship at first, I began to enjoy having the freedom to explore without having to worry about the safety of my crew. It was a beautiful day on Discovitian 4. There were many boaters out on the water and several fishermen along the banks of the river. The sea breeze provided a nice contrast to the warm weather. As I journeyed along the coast, I heard a plea for assistance in the distance. I quickly went to investigate.

As I went to look for the source of the plea for assistance, I came across this bridge. The passage seemed to be is a state of disrepair. Undaunted by the potential for danger, I did what any Starfleet officer would do and took the risk in traversing the bridge in order to save someone in danger.

After some tense moments and a bit of careful balancing, I was able to cross over to the other side of the bridge. I quickly went to investigate the building where the calls for assistance seemed to be emanating from.

The entrance to the building was sealed off. I attempted to bypass its security measures with my triquarter and phaser but to little effect. Eventually, I was able to peer into the building to ascertain its contents. The inside of of the building housed a derelict gravitational array. The plea for assistance seemed to emanate from a voice right in front of me but I was unable to detect anything visually or with my triquarter. Perhaps something about the cavernous layout of the gravitational array enabled to acoustics to continuously bounce off the walls repeatedly or perhaps there was a more paranormal origin. I didn’t stick around too long as I didn’t want my pleas for help to be forever looping off the walls. I didn’t seem to be in imminent danger but I didn’t want to stick around to find out otherwise. I did manage to snap the following beautiful picture before returning back to safety.

As I returned back to shore, I spent some time engaged in conversations with some prospective allies (dates) to the Federation. There’s many civilizations interested in joining the Federation but upon closer scrutiny, a lot of the leaders aren’t really compatible with the long term goals of the Federation. There is one prospect I’m starting to be excited about and he wants to go biking with me on Natoma Prime. He has a ship and crew of his own and I’m optimistic about what could be even though we’re still early in the negotiation process.

Lastly, I forgot to mention before but I interviewed for a manager position at Starfleet’s LGBT center. I passed the first round of interviews and have been invited to the final round. I’m unsure I really want to return to working at a Starbase. The pay is paltry but would essentially be allocated to savings; something that could help my depleting account. The caveat to it all is that I am unsure what to do with regard to the cadets under my charge. They still need to be transported to and from Starfleet academy. I don’t know how I’d balance working at a Starbase and going to the various campuses that my cadets are assigned to. For now, I’m going to cautiously press forward and cross that metaphoric bridge when I get there.

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