Captain’s Log Stardate 05222021.2

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As captain of our ship, I typically try to give my crew and I ample time to rest so that when the duties that come with being an officer arise, we are ready to undertake our responsibilities. The plan for today was to leave the ship in orbit over Earth, let the crew spend amble time on the holodeck, take them on shore leave on a pleasure planet and use some of my time relaxing during the interim. Well, I ended up obsessing over back-end maintenance related to my logs. I tend to get fixated on tasks I’m undertaking and end up not resting. Subsequently, I end up regretting the fact that I didn’t rest.

Additionally, I was hailed from an unknown subspace transmission (text). It turned out to be my ex ally, General Brandi of the Klingon Empire. It started well. She just wanted to show me a live view from Kronos. It’s a beautiful planet. I then became more comfortable with her and before I knew it, I was displaying some rather…provocative..images to her via my viewscreen. The problem was that I ended up spending TOO much time engaged with her. I was reminded of this twice by subspace hails sent by Chancellor Eric. I nearly forgot to take my crew on shore leave. Plus, I ended up saying some rather regrettable things about Eric to Brandi. I returned Eric’s hail and felt like I betrayed him. I didn’t tell him about the incident but I felt a tension and some regret in our brief interaction nonetheless. I then quickly gathered the crew for an away mission

We arrived at Citron 5 and beamed down to the surface. As we arrived, a traveler flagged us down and asked us to assist them in repairing their rudimentary ship. Their spacecraft looked more like something that was flown in the later part of the 20th century on Earth than a ship capable of warp speed. I sent in my crew to help with the repairs.

Ensign Noah used this rather primitive device to plot a course for the rocket once the repairs were complete. Things seemed to be going well but then..

The reactor core of the rocket became too unstable. There was an uncontrolled leak of liquid hydrogen and the engines began to meltdown down which would result in an immediate explosion. My crew worked diligently to repair the damage but was unable to fix the issue. Everyone had to leave the ship via escape pods.

The crew, traveler and I were able to make it to the escape pods and eventually rendezvoused back to our shuttlecraft. My first officer Bella then plotted us a course back to the planet.

The shuttlecraft experienced a malfunction in its inertial dampeners during reentry to the planet and had to work together in order to stabilize the shuttlecraft and land safely back on the surface. Unfortunately, due to our system failures, we landed over a 100km away from our original destination.

My crew was able to acquire a land cruiser after going into town and making a few trades.

We dropped off the traveler back at his hometown where he will once again construct another spacecraft; with a few suggested modifications from our crew he should be alright.

Upon returning to the ship, the crew was in a jovial mood. I reflected on how I mismanaged my time and somewhat betrayed a friend by saying some ill-toward things about him. I resolved to not re-engage with General Brandi. I also need to be more considerate with my words. I have a bad habit of sharing grievances I have to others when I need to be more of a Starfleet officer and not say things I wouldn’t say if the other individual was present. It wasn’t my finest stardate but I hope to grow from this experience.

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