Captain’s Log Stardate 05242021.4

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Upon entering my ready room, I found a priority one subspace transmission from Starfleet command. My first officer and I were ordered to meet a section 31 operative in the Natoma sector on the planet of Bassbol 7. Curiously, we were commanded to take a shuttlecraft down to the surface instead of beaming down. We were also instructed to make modifications to our shuttlecraft as to better blend in with the other inbound traffic entering the planet. After modifying our ship, we flew to the surface.

Our ship landed just outside the coordinates provided. Once there, we encountered a locked pathway. The console adjacent to the pathway prompted us for our command codes. My first officer entered her credentials and the pathway opened. We then met the operative. The Bovian-Leporidae hybrid was a rather diminutive individual. He informed us that he needed our assistance leaving the planet. Shortly thereafter, he became infatuated with my first officer and she seemed to recepricate.

Soon, my first officer and the operative were inseparable. I was skeptical of his intentions. I view my first officer like a daughter and am very protective over her. She assured me that she could handle herself. Nonetheless, I continued to keep a close eye on them; much to their disdain. Our path was blocked by a force-field. We disabled the force-field which enabled us to enter a restricted area.

The path was perilous and reminiscent of the bridge I crossed myself not too long ago. I worried for my first officer’s safety especially because the operative insisted they hold hands while crossing. I grunted loudly but they dismissed my disapproval.

The sun was starting to set and I had grown bored and irritated watching the two romp through the field like 2 star-crossed lovers. I had to remind my officer and the operative of the mission at hand.

We eventually arrived at our shuttlecraft with the operative in tow. I insisted that my first officer take the helm so i could observe the operative more closely. He seemed to feel uncomfortable with my unflinching stares. Upon being taken to his home planet, he went to embrace first officer Bella but I interceded between the two and he quickly scurried to the transporter pad, tail tucked between his legs. My officer wasn’t pleased with me but as a parental figure to her, I feel its my duty to protect her from all potential threats, domestic and foreign!

The operative in question.

On a side note, I’m going to open up another blog on a different page called “Off the Record”. I plan to use it as a place to have unstructured rants. I’m going to try and have it publish here on the entries page but there’s a technical issue I’ll have to figure out in order to separate the captain’s logs from the new page while still having both show up on the front page and in push notifications.

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