Off The Record

An extemporaneous log of my thoughts and feelings

Within most of us is the desire to become godlike. To be free of pain and suffering and to have ultimate control. Heck, I probably think about it more than most people. Some of us think about asserting our will over society; perhaps destroying countless millions and raining apocalyptic disasters upon the Earth. Some people would undoubtedly manifest untold wealth and luxury into their lives. Still others would simply bring back departed friends and family and perhaps erase some bad memories. Whatever the case being, humans always look to do what’s in their best interest first.

Sure with unchecked powers many would provide unlimited resources and ideal living conditions for whoever they decide could remain with little regard for the natural order and balance of life. Implicitly, in the expression of these powers, is an indictment on the way that God and nature has let things unfold.

Humans are always quick to think they have all the answers. To believe that if given to power and control that we could do it better. Yet, time and time again when humans have been given unchecked power they have shown that they will abuse it. This is something we know but we like to think that we are smarter than those who came before us. That we would do it better.

I wonder if our perspective would change if we got to live countless times as countless different creatures and sentient beings here in the universe. If we experienced life as a tree or a butterfly or even a rock… How would being everything alter our perception of what we would do if given all the power. I wonder if after all that time and experience if we would work with, instead of against what is here.

If you believe in God then you also believe that he is in all things and knows all those perspectives and manifest himself through it. Perhaps this current existence is a “here’s what happens if I let u guys have some more free reign”.

The current system is a bit out of order, skewed heavily towards human priorities. If we can’t even work within the system that we have here, what hope do we have of trying to work with intergalactic beings who’s priorities would also have to be considered if one day they made themselves evident to us. With the way that we currently are, I couldn’t imagine any logical extra terrestrial wanting to provide us with advanced technology and providing us with membership into the collective intergalactic Federation.

If we would skew our priorities heavily over our environment to serve us because we have dominion over it, using that same logic, why shouldn’t they do the same to us. It is only by their evolved sense of benevolence that they don’t do to us what we do to our world.

Given the literally countless stars and planets in existence, we can’t think that we alone are at the forefront of understanding the physics of the universe especially given the amount of time that has proceeded us.

On top of that, our brain probably hasn’t even evolved to the point of perceiving other phenomena present in the universe that was adaptive for survival in an arboreal setting millions of years ago. And yet we expect after a relatively short stint here on Earth to be handed the keys to the universe or perhaps provided advanced technology that would functionally work the same…humans…

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