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One of the few constants in the universe is change. It’s something I’ve brought up before but it’s on my mind once more. So much of life is a transitory experience. In childhood, the way that you think about things, how you feel, the people you meet change as you get older. Into adulthood, relationships wax and wane, priorities shift, and even your view of the world and your self changes. As I’ve stated previously, the prospect that things do change is both something that can be a reason for hope and fear.

This unidentified sentient lifeform seemed friendly

Personally, I hold out hope that I’ll have a better place to live, a life partner and that society provides better options for those struggling financially and emotionally. Some of the changes that I fear include a decline in health, increased scarcity of resources and regressive policies.

The officers at Yamca 4

*Star Trek Picard season 2 spoiler ahead*

Another thing on my mind is the seductive allure of assimilation. On Star Trek season 2, one of the main characters is assimilated by the Borg. For those unaware, assimilation by the Borg involves the process by which an interlinked cyborg captures an individual and forces them to be apart of their collective. In this particular instance, one of the scientists is seduced into being assimilated by the (disconnected) Borg queen. The Borg queen preys on the loneliness of the scientist by saying “by being assimilated, you will never be alone. Every thought treasured and heard. To be apart of a bigger purpose.”

Officer Bella making some improv clothing

I frequently feel alone, unheard and wishing to be apart of something bigger than myself. Being apart of the collective, one wouldn’t have to directly worry about how responsibilities would be taken care of, one’s biology could be carefully balanced and there’d never be want for social interaction. Of course one of the main drawbacks would be the lose of autonomy, the cacophony of voices could be overwhelming and the collective may decide on a course of action you personally don’t believe in. Though in life, everything had pros and cons.

A moon near starbase 321

As I navigate around space, I’m also thinking about how this could parallel what it could be like in the spiritual world. Disconnected from your physical body and connecting to the collective consciousness of the universe may ultimately be very similar to being apart of the Borg collective. Perhaps God would be like the Borg queen; functioning like the collective voice of the spirits. Like in the Borg collective, the Queen doesn’t necessarily interact with individuals within the collective unless deemed necessary. To extend that analogy a bit more, families and other smaller groups within the collective would be subdivided into various unimatrixes. Like the Borg, each cube (or group) can run semi-autonomously; pursuing various goals within this dimension. Perhaps the whole point of us being down here on this dimension is to show us that we do better working together and what happens when we go against what’s best for the collective. In the next realm, it’s possible that your rank will be based on karma and ability to handle various forms of responsibility.

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  1. Excellent! Very thought provoking. I love your thought process. Remember, you are not alone. I will always be there for you. So is God. I do love you , my very good friend.

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