Captain’s Personal Log

Religion, like any large assemblage of people, usually just ends up being used by those in leadership positions to pursue their own agenda under the guise of doing it on behalf of everyone else. Typically, only narcissist and thier sycophants/enablers are even able to get into those positions. Of course, there has to be token gestures of good/charity to maintain the support of the masses and to deflect criticism.

Additionally, in a number of countries, religion is monitored and even influenced by state actors to maintain their own power and prevent an insurrection. China is especially well-known for this. Modi in India also used religion to establish his influence. Thus, just based on those 2 counties, more than half of all humans have thier beliefs being influenced by secular forces. The right wing party here in the US also typically appeals to religion in order to maintain their career as politicians.

Now that in of itself is concerning. And then there’s science. Science has narrowed the scope of what could be caused by divine forces. From quantum mechanics to chemistry to geology, to biology, to astrophysics and the development of the universe.

Additionally, the way religion works is they start out by appealing to ur basic needs and by mostly saying true statements and interweaving those with dogma. Soon, many have trouble disentangling Truth from religion. And that for the most part lead me to being atheist, for 15+ years. I was quite sure this was a logical manner in which to analyze it all

I will say that I am no longer an atheist. I have at the very least experienced some form of advanced technology that is capable of things that are the stuff of science fiction. Now, one explanation could be that I have some sort of damage or misfiring in my neurotransmitters that has cause me to perceive something that isn’t happening in objective reality but nonetheless feels real because all we know is that which we perceive in the brain and if it brain is damaged, then ergo, u can’t trust it. And one can’t necessarily objectively evaluate their own mind. Thus I have to be open to that possiblity.

However, I do believe I am objective and lucid…and if it isn’t some advanced tech then it’s something happening on a spiritual level. In fact, I find it easier to talk about such things in that manner as it requires less objective proof when discussing it with others and given that many others have also had anecdotal experiences that parrelelled my own, I can’t easily dismiss the experiences of others that believe what they do

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