Captain’s Log Stardate 06302021.6

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I was in my quarters when I was hailed (called) by General Brandi of the Klingon Empire. The general (my ex) requested permission to pass through Federation space (she wanted to come over). Given our past skirmishes, I was leery but was open to trying to reestablish diplomatic relations (be friends) especially due the fact that the sibling of the Klingon, Admiral Steve, was hospitalized due to a heart condition at a nearby Federation medical facility.

The crew was briefed on the arrival of General Brandi and had mixed reactions. As the IKS St’wer (her car) docked, I began to second guess myself. As much as both of us have tried to get along, we mostly have ended up exchanging weapons fire (arguing) after too long. Things started out rough. First officer Bella was not pleased seeing Brandi on our ship (in my room); she immediately pulled out a phaser and opened fire on the Klingon. The general took out her bat’leth to deflect the blast and seemed poised to engage in battle but withdrew to her vessel before things could escalate. (They began to argue) I wasn’t too pleased because I wanted to formalize a peace treaty. Though my first officer did initiate the skirmish, I felt a bit upset at Brandi for not having a bit more composure and adeptness at dealing with my officer. The general later voiced the opinion that I should’ve reprimanded my officer more harshly in order to discourage insubordination. I took their advice under consideration but ultimately didn’t want to come down hard as it would look like I was taking sides instead of mediating.

As we sat down for negotiations (to talk), Brandi shared with me that she was once again on the ketrical white (meth). I wasn’t thrilled about it but I appreciated her honesty. The thought of using ketrical white has crossed my mind but thus far I have remained strong. Later, our conversation shifted to clothes. The general is very much into fashion and always has an abundance of new outfits. As more time passed, well….a touch of pon farr (horniness) afflicted both of us! At first I just wanted to cuddle…but decided to just go for it.

The morning after, Brandi and I did our own chores seperately. I thought Brandi would go visit her brother but couldn’t. When the general did return, she got into it again with Bella. I talked with Bella in order to reassure her and then decided to go to Yamca 4 (has a pool). I was a bit surprised that Brandi wanted to go. Nonetheless, we go in separate vessels to the planet to swim. Bella and Brandi seemed to get along well. After the swim, dinner was made and Brandi and I decided to go out to the Badlands for drinks.

Being in the Klingon ship (her car), I felt like I had entered a temporal anomaly. It felt like old times, both good and bad. I put on my music and began to sing. Like old times, she began to try to redirect my attention by asking me irrelevant questions to engage me. Usually, when flying through interstellar space (on the freeway), I prefer to sing. The General prefers conversation. I know she isn’t a fan of me singing over the music but well..whatever. Aside from that, we had a good time…or maybe it was the fact that I was rather drunk after having several servings of Klingon ale! Whatever the case, things were jovial by the time we left Quarks bar.

The general stayed for another stardate then woke up early to do some more errands. Brandi still hasn’t been able to see her brother. Brandi and I still have some old disagreements that came up this afternoon about what led us to breaking up. She still wishes to join the Federation (get back together) though thus far I have rebuffed the Klingons. I think an uneasy alliance with an ahem, trade agreement (fwb), is probably the best course of action for now at least until I find a more suitable partner to admit into the Federation.

Aside from that, nothing much else to note. I haven’t heard from Captain Eric since our skirmish. I did tell the Whiskian that I just couldn’t endure anymore volatility from him and that I didn’t trust him. A face-to-face meeting could resolve things but for the time being, I’m not going to spend credits on flying halfway across the galaxy (the country) to see him. I’m still trying to find the credits to show up to the Star Trek Las Vegas festival taking place in August. At this point, I think I can possibly go; assuming nothing drastic happens financially.

Captain’s Log Supplemental:

General Brandi read my log and became upset. I moved to reassure Brandi but she wasn’t comforted. Brandi wasn’t pleased by the fact that I didn’t write more fondly of our time together and was upset that I said that I wanted to find a more suitable partner. The general left Federation space (my area) and then called later. Old arguments resumed and after the Klingon kept cutting off communications (kept hanging up on me) I blocked their subspace transmissions (their phone calls) from reaching my ship.

I sometimes question whether I should be sharing my logs with individuals that know me in real life as it has caused issues before. On one hand, I want people to know me on a deeper level and I try to be honest about my feelings here. On the other hand, my honesty has costed me at times. For the time being, I will still continue to share my logs but I’m definitely going to be a bit more cautious with whom I share the entries with.

Completely irrelevant to anything but I found this dress and I don’t have anyone to gush about it with irl so yeah. It’s too small, I need a seamstress to fix it but my god I just love it. Idk where I would wear this to but imma find an excuse now that I got it,.and it only costed $10

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  1. I usually do not post, often, anywhere. But I am proud of you Christeana. Keep Strong, much love. Can’t wait till the next Captain’s Log. (Sips raktajino) 🙂


  2. Wtf???????????????

    On Thu, Jul 1, 2021, 4:41 PM BlogTrek: The Next TRANSformation wrote:

    > Christeana Zamora posted: ” I was in my quarters when I was hailed by > General Brandi of the Klingon Empire. The general requested permission to > pass through Federation space. Given our past skirmishes, I was leery but > was open to trying to reestablish diplomatic relations especia” >


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