Captain’s Log, Stardate 07182021: Part 2

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Like any officer surveying an unfamiliar area, I took out my tricorder (cell phone) and began scanning the area (pulled up a map). Having mapped out where Officer Michelle’s shuttlecraft (car) crashed, and where her remains were located, I set out to try and see if it was logistically possible for my former officer to have got to where she was in the dark barefoot on a cold rainy night.

As I set out to retrace her steps, I came to this rather narrow bridge crossing with a guardrail only on the right side. The grate-like floor of the bridge probably provided good grip but definitely couldn’t have been comfortable to come across. Once across the bridge, I came across wide-spectrum force-field (lightly barbed fencing.)

The force-field itself was not impassable. I managed to leverage myself over it by using the square holes in the fencing to place my feet and heaved my body near the corner where there was a sign. Though technically feasible given that I managed to get past the force-field, I still have my doubts as to Michelle’s ability to do this given her circumstances.

Just past the fencing is an open field. I decided to head towards what I assumed would be the most direct path to where Michelle was found.

Surrounding the perimeter of the clearing is more lightly barbed fencing. The fence itself didn’t have much anywhere to leverage myself onto. When I did try to hop it, it would buckle some and I had to backup or risk being cut by the barbs. I did manage to find a short tree nearby and swung down a branch. Then I was stuck having to push through extremely thick brush; some of it so thick as to be functionally impassable.

As I started to make my way towards where the end of the road was, I wanted someone to be on the phone with me in case something happened. I called my sister but she didn’t respond. I then decided to hail Regent Greg. He hasn’t talked much with me anymore but his voice is comforting and he’s usually easy going. The regent was helping Admiral Louise (his mom) but inquired as to what was going on. I gave him the context and that I was looking to be reassured. He stayed on the phone for a few minutes then said he had to go. I didn’t really want him to go. I told him, “You know, I don’t really have anyone else to talk to, you barely talk to me and yet I’m reaching out to you. Can you stay on longer?” Greg says, “I really have to help my mom now but keep me posted” and the transmission ends. I really wanted some reassurance at the time and I guess I’m really done with him. About time I suppose…he’s been over me for awhile now. If pressed, he’d probably say he still has feelings for me but his actions, or rather, inactions say otherwise. Anyways, at the terminus, the path forward is blocked off.

My instinct told me to turn around. Logically, I wanted to just hop this fence too and proceed further but something said, “No.” I’ve learned to listen to my gut and set a course back to my shuttlecraft. It was a long lonely way back. I decided to deviate from the path I took to get where I was to explore a possible alternate route. While making my way across another property, an inhabitant of the area was wondering what I was doing. I briefed her on my mission. Gene (her name) was very empathtic to me, even helping me cross her property via much more accessible route. She spoke about losing her husband to suicide and also wondered what he was thinking the last night he passed. Gene also recalled the search and rescue teams that came through the area. The local even helped me locate a more efficent route to my shuttlecraft and indicated that there was a possible path that didn’t require the crossing of the wide-spectrum forcefield.

Upon further conversation, Gene also told me that many shuttlecraft (cars) end up crash landing in the Bowman expanse because of the lighting and how abrupt the road ends. Guess several shuttlecrafts have had to be hauled off via a tractor beam from the area.

That is the path I took based on what I remembered from the place the car was found and body. I placed that blue dot there. Later, I decided to ask the Federation authorities (the cops) if they could again text me the official locations of stuff.

LKP= Last known postion, Purse is where the purse was, the Footbridge is where their dogs tracked to. Found is where she was found. The numbers are elevation.

So now looking in retrospect, I may’ve veered a bit more south than what Michelle did initially. I do think somewhere just past the footbridge, she must’ve, had to have taken the same route. That is…if she went by foot. If she did leave by foot, i do have a hard time believing that she willingly pushed through all that to end up where she was. The more likely conclusion was that she was fleeing. Why else did she take her purse with her initially then leave it where she did? Yet, it also doesn’t make sense why the purse is there if she was brought there. If someone was trying to hide her, the quicker route would be taking the Kruger road (eerie name) down then pushing through that way and leaving the purse by the car.

That whole night was bizarre. She was acting very unusual, though she was quite disturbed the whole of 2017. I’m unsure what to make of it. I wish they would’ve let me see her body. They refused because apparently it was extremely gruesome given that it had been partially consumed by the mountain lion. Officially, she passed as the result of exposure; no drugs in her system. Though I do wonder if there could be another explanation…. A part of me just thinks well, the past is the past and its time to push forward to the next mission. Another part of me wants vengeance if someone indeed do it. Plus, anyone that knows me knows I get obsessive about wanting to know the Truth. But….in this instance…the Truth may not ever be known.

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