Captain’s Blog: Stardate 11192021.7

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Once again, I find myself in my quarters staring out the viewport. As intergalactic space drifts by, my mind wanders. Fragments of thoughts and feelings flutter through my brain at any given moment especially when I’m alone. Currently, I’ve being trying to resolve some of the cognitive dissonance I’m having between my previously materialistic view of the world and my anecdotal experiences.

Officers Noah and Bella undergoing space flight preparation via the multi-axis trainer

In the past, I used to exclusively ascribe to the materialistic philosophy that states that everything within the universe can be explained via physical properties. Logically, if you can’t measure something, it doesn’t exist. Occam’s razor states that a good theory should find the simplest explanation for the evidence at hand. These 2 principles led me to being comfortably nihilistic/atheistic after graduating from college. I wasn’t interested in exploring spirituality because it seemed to rely on theoretical beliefs and explanations that weren’t parsimonious . Yet, here I find myself steeped in the subject once again.

This guy takes FOREVER to take his turn.

Critical thinking dictates that one take a skeptical approach to all information at hand. Until a year and a half ago, I was comfortable deferring any gaps in knowledge to those at the forefront of scientific information. However, after one unusual experience after unusual experience occurred, I’ve found myself questioning things I previously held as true. For awhile, I kept trying to rationalize anecdotal experiences in a logical way. It took a long time before I accepted the possibility that there could be something else out here that the current scientific community hasn’t explained.

Lt. Commander Bella working with the Caitians in Cargo bay 2.

One thing I’ve noticed about most people in general is that whatever they believe, they are entrenched in that mindset. The majority of religious folks believe they have the one Truth while atheists, though claiming to be open-minded, generally refuse to consider the possibility of being wrong as well. Both sides seem to also misrepresent the other by presenting narrow, simplified summaries of what the other believes. I believe that the greatest minds on Earth have always challenged the common paradigm of their era.

Riverton 7

I can’t say for sure if my assumptions are correct or not. I very much wish I could have some certainty. What I do know is that I can’t just take the word of others uncritically. I trust myself to know I am going about this journey as unbiased as I can. If I’m wrong, either I fade into nothingness when I die or whatever being(s) out there interacting with me can’t hold me accountable for being wrong if I put in a good faith effort. At least at this point, I am still holding fast to the belief that the Truth encompasses both the material world and spiritual. Its either that or as the old saying goes “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” and for now, I am saying I have seen and experienced things that break my previous assumptions about what is possible. I guess for now, I am left wondering what’s on the other side of the rabbit hole. To be continued…

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