Captain’s Blog: Stardate 11252021.5

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The crew is in a festive mood this Thanksgiving day morning. As I prepare my officers for an away mission, I am mentally taking stock of the things I am grateful for. I think it’s easy to take for granted the things one has and to start to cast your eye at the stuff you want and the problems you’re facing. During our mission briefing, I want to reiterate to the crew to be appreciative for that which we have.

Officer Noah commandeered this vessel

I remember back at the Academy when I was studying psychology, one of the most effective ways to tackle depression aside from therapy and medication was a gratitude diary. I think one of the things that people take for granted the most is their health. Usually, it takes an illness or some other failing to appreciate how awesome it is not to be living in pain. Additionally, I think we don’t appreciate the health and existence of those that care for us until something happens to them, then all of a sudden all the little petty things that upseted us previously fall by the wayside.


One thing I will say is that the galactic plague (covid) will leave a lasting impact on everyone once it’s over. I don’t think we as a society appreciated being near one another. Heck, I didn’t appreciate how nice it was to not have a mask constantly obstructing my breathing whenever I go in public. I think we started to become too comfortable being apart from each other and communicating via devices. As we gather today, I’m glad to have others that welcome me and my crew onto their ship. The Federation isn’t at war and the food will be plentiful. It could be a whole lot worse..

Ensign Shadow takes a profile pic

As I set course for our mission, I want to wish everyone a Happy Treksgiving. LLAP.

Officer Bella braces for some turbulence on her escape pod as the vessel spirals towards the planet

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