Captain’s Blog: Stardate 11302021.6

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The crew (kids) and I have been quite busy this week. Our away mission to the Francisco sector was quite successful in providing some respite for the crew and I. It’s not often that Federation dignitaries (my extended family) get together. It’s a nice reminder that our crew isn’t alone in the quadrant. Unfortunately things did not go well with other long term allies Captain Brandi and Chancellor Eric.

Captured this great view while riding the polar Express

As a representative of the Federation, I try to reach out to other civilizations (people) in order to have peaceful relations. Yet, in most relationships with others there’s typically an inflection point in which individuals either grow closer or conversely grow apart. The trajectory of both of those relationships has been on the decline for a while but during separate incidents each of them has opened fire in a way that won’t be tolerated. I don’t mind having differences of opinion but when it comes to continuous name calling and other toxic behavior, I draw the line.

The crew and I out near the Francisco Expanse

If anything, I probably should have drawn those lines much much sooner but I probably give people too much slack. I try to be a forgiving person and I try to acknowledge my mistakes but I think that if someone else is constantly blaming you for their volatility and continues in their hostility, then you cut off subspace transmissions. (block them)

First officer Bella embracing her cousin while her other cousin smiles in the background

Aside from that I have begun my new position as a Federation counselor (sorta, it’s more social workish). The other captains that I work with seem really awesome and I’m optimistic that this is something I could stick around with for a long time. In a little while, I’m going to go on an away mission to meet with a client in need in order to link them with Federation resources.

Officer Noah stares pensively into the vastness of the Francisco expanse

I feel like I’m a cadet back in Starfleet Academy (college) again. There’s a lot that I don’t know and for now I’m undertaking a lot of training and learning a lot of new things. As much as I like the process, I can’t wait til I have mastery over my position.

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  1. And I would like to get clarification if you have it already if you’re sure about Christmas because again you invited me and I’m pretty sure you’re taking that back now but would you please let me know thank you Christina I hope you have a wonderful day I care for you


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