Captain’s Blog: Stardate 05172022.9

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During my travels through the Galaxy, one of the things that I’ve learned is that allegiances can easily shift. A close ally can become an enemy and a former foe can become a friend. In my own life, Captain Eric and former Federation applicant (ex-bf) Admiral Will no longer are on speaking terms with me. Meanwhile, I’ve provided some assistance to former adversary Chancellor Brandi.

Officer Noah undertaking shuttlecraft training

Part of me wants to go into detail about how Eric and Will caused the rift but the better part of me is telling me to just move on. I keep trying to remind myself of what is important; the Federation (my family), myself, and helping others in need. I also hope to continue to learn and improve the person I am. Nonetheless, I will miss those two as I no longer have a go-to to have long conversations with.

RIP Cadet Laser (our hamster)

In other news, Starbase 321(work) has been hemorrhaging officers (employees) including 2 of my favorites. At this point, there’s four other people I’m close to at work and three of them are exploring other possibilities as well.

Officers Noah and Bella sharing an escape pod

I’m also not looking forward to our impending move to Starbase 70 (new work location), known around the office as The DeathStar. The name comes the fact that the office has a dearth of windows. I’m going to miss the beautiful scenery out here by Starbase 321. Starbase 70 is located in a somewhat dangerous commerical sector that receives heavy traffic. I’m not going to be able to go out on walks or sing. I’m not happy with the current trajectory of things but one thing I’ve learned is that things can change quickly. I’m hoping that things will turn out better

A view of the Natoma expanse

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