Captain’s Blog: Stardate 12312022.9

As our ship completes another orbit around Earth, I find myself looking back on the year that has gone by. At the beginning of the year, I was just settling into my new position aboard Starbase 321 (work) as a counselor. The crew was infected with the galactic plague (covid) and I was still trying to reconcile my budding spirituality with my more objective scientific beliefs.

Lincolnist 3

As the year progressed, I became less focused on science and more engrossed in trying to do the right thing. I also spent a lot of time pursuing Captain Eric and Admiral William. Later into the year, I brought the admiral aboard the USS Zamora (my home) where he has been staying for the last couple months. Looking ahead, I am cautiously optimistic about the future.

Officer Noah teaching officer Bella to use the speed runner

If I stick with William, I believe that the possibility of a new ship (house) is within reach. I think I will continue to improve at my job and I’m hopeful that I could create more closeness with the crew. I also hope the new Stardate (year) will result in a more emotionally stable and principled version of myself. Still, every Stardate isn’t without it’s challenges.

Officer Bella mining some dilithium for the ship

The galactic plague continues to infect millions. Economic inflation continues to make existing more difficult for the average Federation citizen and prospect for intergalactic warfare lingers. The universe is a scary place but I refuse to allow fear to overtake my mind. I have an abundance of blessings and faith that ultimately everything will turn out okay. I may not have everything I want but at least for now, I have everything I need. For that, I say thank you God. Everything else is just gravy.

Officer Tino conducting a geological survey on a nearby moon

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