Captain’s Log Stardate 05302021

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Our ship was on course to the Roselyn cluster when my science officer detected an unusual gravitational distortion on our long range sensors. Lieutenant Tino looked through the scope in order to determine what was causing the distortion.

Upon closer inspection, my officer discovered that an unknown vessel was responsible for the distortion. My ensign hailed the ship. There was no response. It appeared that the alien craft was adrift. I decided to send an away team to investigate the vessel.

The derelict ship didn’t have any life support systems online. My crew was forced to dawn their EV suits. As they boarded the ship, their triquarters picked up a faint life sign.

The crew cautiously approached the area where the life sign was emanating from. Inside the derelict ship’s cabin, the lifeform resided. It seemed surprised to see us. Our universal translators didn’t pick up its language at first and the crew had to resort to using hand signals to indicate our peaceful intentions.

We were eventually able to speak with the alien that called itself Grondin. Our crew learned that the ship required a number of repairs. We were happy to offer assistance. The repairs were almost complete when the ship had a cascade failure with its inertial dampeners.

First officer Bella was nearly flung off her station as she worked to repair the inertial dampeners. Eventually, she was successful and returned to the ship with the crew.

Meanwhile, I find myself in an increasingly paradoxical situation. On one hand, I long to hang with friends and be with a partner. On the other hand, I’m more confident than ever that I’m interacting with something on a higher plane. Time and again, it (they?) has reassured me with various signs. It feels pretty cool in some ways because like I’ll ask for a very specific kind of signal and sure enough I’ll get it. I am such a skeptic, its like I need to be reassured every so often as to be sure that I’m not delusional.

I’ve slowly started to note various things with regard to these…interactions. For one thing, it’s almost like I’ve had to give up some autonomy. I am lead to things that I normally wouldn’t but when I let go it always leads to something good. Yet, I always have choice in the matter, and when I choose against it, almost to reassert my own free will, I almost invariably regret it. It’s….weird… I feel like I’m not allowed to write about more specific things and our dynamics.

I want to document it now but I suppose I’m supposed to wait. What I will say is that I have had some amazing experiences but also some rather disturbing ones. I hope I am able to articulate it all at some point enough to where I can share everything in a way that it captures the fullness of it all while perhaps helping someone else that may be on the cusp of something similar.

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