Captain’s log Stardate 06052021

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The intense interstellar radiation (heat) continues to prevent me and the crew from going on away missions. They seem to be content spending their time on the holodeck (computer/smartphone). I feel a bit stir-crazy. Being confined to the ship reminds me of the worse days of the galactic plague (covid)..I miss exploring and taking just the right picture. I did manage to keep the sabbath and have a movie night with the crew in 10-forward, so I consider that a partial victory

Once the cadets are off from Starfleet academy for the summer, I plan to finally visit captain Eric. At this point, I have to watch my finances carefully as I have a number of things I want to use my credits towards and finite resources. The cadets have an excursion to the bear valley cluster for a week long training program (summer camp) which is costing north of 1000 credits. I still want to get couches but have put that off. Additionally, the Star Trek Las Vegas convention is coming up and would also require a rather significant allocation of credits. I might have some credits coming in from various sources but I’ve got a bit of time before I could be sure.

My science officer has indicated to me that interstellar conditions are going to improve within a day so I look forward to once again exploring the galaxy. For now, I’ll probably continue to do some writing and a bit of interacting on the intergalactic exchange (social media). Actually, I do have a brief mission to Yamaca 4 to swim with officer Tino coming at 11:00 hours. Aside from that, I’m gonna get to writing.

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