Captain’s log Supplemental

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The ship continues in orbit around Earth though Starfleet has an assignment pending for us later today that will allow for us to once again explore the galaxy as the interstellar radiation (extreme temperatures) is finally set to wane. I will need to balance my time closely as I’m also set to have a briefing with Captain Raymond set for later today as well.

During the interim, I’ve once again hopped on a few intergalactic dating exchanges (apps). Though my primary responsibility is to lead the crew of my ship, I also have a personal duty to take good care of my own needs. I do miss the excitement, conversation and affection that comes with dating. Plus quite frankly I also do love the attention. If there’s one thing former ally lieutenant Brandi did well was provide plenty of (rather satisfying) physical and psychological attention. I no longer miss the allegiance itself but I do wish to to have that need addressed again. There is captain Eric…I think we both know that a lot will ride on how our in-person interactions go.

For now, I’ve left my options opened. I’m not sure whether I really want to go full-on into a relationship but I do enjoy the pursuit. Every captain has a unique planet they’re from which affects how they view things and act. I love interacting with a variety of people; each providing me with a unique view of the universe. Plus well…I may be going through a touch of the pon-farr ☺️

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