Captain’s Log Stardate 06082021

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Our shuttlecraft was passing through the Landis system when an unseen vessel insisted that we were trespassing in their space. We tried to negotiate with them when they suddenly fired a photon torpedo at our shuttlecraft. Ensign Noah attempted to take evasive maneuvers but the torpedo damaged our dilithium crystal chamber and we had to crash land on Landis 7.

It looks like a photon torpedo

The shuttlecraft landed in some brush. As we assessed the damaged, we were able to repair the chamber but needed more crystals. Our scanners detected a dilithium crystal deposit nearby. My crew was able to negotiate with the locals for use of their excavator.

First officer Bella used the excavator but wasn’t able to find enough dilithium. After conversing with the locals, we found that there was a podracing competition that offered dilithium as the top prize.

The competition was fierce and somewhat dangerous. Yet, Ensign Noah made the most of his piloting skills and managed to take the top prize. We then returned to the ship.

Aboard the ship, I reflected on the last couple of stardates. Chancellor Eric and I had a falling out. He was evasive with a number of questions I had for him and I grew irritated with regard to his negativity. For the time being, he is unable to hail my ship. Captain Raymond and I had an interesting conversation regarding the nature of the afterlife. He is of the disposition that death is more like sleep until God returns for the righteous and destroys the wicked. I have a much more nuanced view of death where I believe the soul continues onward. If the higher dimensional being loves us as described, I couldn’t imagine that being destroying its creation. I love my kids dearly and could never kill them, even if they deserved it. I would imagine some super intelligent powerful being would be capable of even more love than me. I think that perhaps in the afterlife we would have to reap what we sowed but that ultimately, when we learned the lessons we needed to and if we weren’t beyond rehabilitation, that we will get to be divine spirits ourselves.

Aside from my discussion with Raymond, I continue to browse the intergalactic dating exchanges (apps). I’ve even showed a couple of captains my logs. Also have had a number of drawn out conversations. I have yet to find a captain that seems like an ideal fit, but I am heartened to find several that are solid candidates. During all this time, I keep trying to be mindful of what I’d even want from a person that goes beyond the basic trope characteristics of being kind, honest, fun. Regent Greg, now only a distant ally, is someone I really enjoyed and I hope to find someone who was as effusive as him. Though time showed he only said the right things and couldn’t back it, I could totally go with someone very similar that is capable of having those characteristics. For now, I have other tasks on hand I need to take care of. Until my next mission.

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