Captain’s Log Stardate 06102021

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Our ship was in orbit around Nigel 3 when Starfleet redirected us to the Oakton cluster (a nearby park). Starfleet intelligence received word about a device that could supersize food. Such an item could make a significant impact on hunger around the galaxy. As we arrived to the Oakton cluster to the location of the size-amplifying device, we were unable to proceed further due to a defense perimeter. My first officer was able to reverse engineer its security and lowered its defenses, temporarily.

Bella ran quickly to retrieve the device as the defensive perimeter’s system began to reactivate. She was successful in her attempt and we proceeded to test out the device. We got 2 ordinary sized apples and used the device to test whether or not the apples would be enlarged.

The device enlarged the apples about 100 fold. My first officer feasted on the apples rather happily. She then wanted to try the device on an ice cream cone.

The device also enlarged the ice cream, but proved to be too large for my officer to handle. She proceeded to drop the oversized ice cream, much to her discontent.

With our test proving successful, we returned to deliver the device to Starfleet Command where many lives with be improved especially once the mechanism for how it works is understood by our engineers.

Aboard the ship, I continue to feel painfully lonely. Others have reached out to me but I’m just unsure what it is I’m truly looking to get out of the interaction. Its…not that I have some big pressing issue. Rather, I wish my company was more sought after. I dont necessarily feel like I got like a go-to person that’s on the same wavelength as me. To be fair, my wavelength is somewhat unusual but I can’t imagine that it’s unique. Or maybe, I just continue to miss having someone who is emotionally connected with me and shares the same intellectual interests and hobbies.

Once again I’ve surfed the intergalactic dating exchange (apps). I’ve tried to be a bit more open-minded with regard to finding a good co-captain. The younger folk feel a bit TOO young for me. Feel like some of them are more akin to being peers of my kids than someone I could be with. Conversely, my peers and older individuals seem rather staid. I am hoping for the right combination of fun, responsible, emotionally stable, and kind. I want a captain that really wants to serve aboard the ship and one that can be accepted by the rest of the crew. A rather tall order, but one I hope happens sooner than later.

3 thoughts on “Captain’s Log Stardate 06102021

  1. Your kids will be happy with who makes you happy, if you talk about how someone makes you happy all the time they will come to love that person most likely as well. On the contrary though if you complain about a person the kids won’t end up liking that person so just be more careful with your next partner than you were with your last, good luck and take care, beautiful 🙂


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