Captain’s Blog, Stardate 10122021.2

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We continue to find ourselves in an unstable region of space. Unfortunately, it seems as though things will get worse before they improve. Our ship continues to be hobbled by the effects of the gravitational eddies we passed by. Ensign Noah’s console (computer) has yet to be repaired due to limited (financial) resources. The primary shuttlecraft (the car) continues to have issues with its warp core (engine) despite replacing the EPS manifold (the starter). Our engineers (mechanic) are still investigating the issue but after running a level 2 diagnostic (running the check engine codes), there seems to be an unspecified issue with the dilithium chamber (transmission) and radiometric (catalytic) converter

At Starfleet Academy (school), we are taught as prospective officers to plan for rainy days. I have typically had enough to get us through the usual downpours that happen in life..just this particular time is more like a hurricane. The perfect storm of events has resulted in having to take additional measures to ensure passage through this rough patch. I’m very reticent to reach out, I’m sure I could get assistance if the situation became more dire but at this point, I hope to weather the storm myself.

I’m a bit weary of late. I’ve been making a concerted effort to reach out to others and make more allies with mixed results. I’m definitely becoming more familiar to others as I’ve become a regular at the Unitarian outpost, taken up choir and a political discussion group. My dating life has been up and down in part because my continued interactions with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde aka Captain Eric. There’s a part of him I could see myself growing old with. He’s so fun, funny, insightful..but of course his usual emotional volatility sours our interactions eventually. I can’t bring someone like that aboard a ship filled with cadets (kids).

Sent out a few subspace transmissions to some older gentleman that seemed okay at first but may in fact be too old.. experiencing too many setbacks relating to age and seems intellectually intractable. I am kinda optimistic about this girl that reached out to me. She’s younger (27) and seems to have a good blend of smart, adventurous and warm…plus she got a cute friendly smile. I’m not really in the right situation to start wooing but at this point I’m a bit bored pursuing stodgy older guys. As much as maturity appeals to me, I really want someone I can be silly with. We’ll see..

I get frequent inquiries asking how the kids are doing. “Good” is my default answer. My oldest seems to have taken on a much heavier workload this year at the academy. I have seen him work on assignments late into the night and I am quite proud of him for his diligent work. Ensign Noah had a few rough encounters early on in the school year but seems to be getting along well with everyone now. First officer Bella is mostly a delight still. She radiates light during these dark days. I may be biased but I feel like I have the best crew in Starfleet.

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