Captain’s Blog: Stardate 12212021.2

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The ability to meet one’s future alternate self is usually only considered to be something that takes place in science fiction novels. Yet, on my latest away mission, I found myself talking to a distressed retired admiral (senior citizen) that had some remarkably similar life experiences and feelings which had me thinking about how my future could turn out.

First contact with this alien lifeform (I tried to photoshop Noah holding the cat out of the pic and it came out horribly but you get what you paid for!)

Retired admirals (senior citizens) share a lot of commonalities. Many retired admirals were hard working educated professionals, loving parents, and good people that for a variety of reasons end up alone and financially destitute nonetheless. The more I’ve explored the galaxy, the more I’ve come to realize how cruel the universe can be. Many say the worse thing going on right now is the galactic plague (covid) but the real scourge afflicting more people is loneliness.

Officers Noah and Bella out on a speederbike with Cadet Shadow on his first away mission

I think about my future and I wonder if one day I’ll also end up adrift alone in orbit around some random celestial body with nothing but time to look back on my life with a mix of gratitude and regret. Then there’s the other indignities of aging such as the increasing physical limitations, the loss of independence, cognitive decline and not being able to be useful. I’m beginning to wonder if being able to live long is indeed a blessing or a curse.

Officer Noah out on a spacewalk

For now, I hope to make the most of what I do have. I’m grateful to be working in a field that allows me to provide help to those that need it. For much of my life I feel like I’ve been a net taker…I hope that by the end of my time here that I will have put out more than I have taken. I want to be the person I used to wish I met when I was younger. I used to pray that someone would intercede in my life and save me from the misery I was experiencing. I think that prayer was finally answered in a way and now I find myself wishing to pay it forward.

As Captain of this vessel, I am always ready to lead the way!

It’s impossible to know precisely what the future holds but I hope to mitigate the bad by taking steps to avoid some of the bad possible outcomes I’ve encountered while trying help those that are in difficult situations cope with the issues they are facing. I sometimes wish that the enemy was something tangible that could be destroyed with more ships, photon torpedoes and phasers. Instead, the real enemy is insidious and cloaked. As we speak, I am arming my brain with as many resources as I can in order to help others (and myself) take on this adversary. Who’s with me?!!

2 thoughts on “Captain’s Blog: Stardate 12212021.2

  1. This is one of the best blogposts you’ve written -though you didn’t go on an ‘away mission.’ It poses a fundamental question about the meaning of life and the quandry of growing old. When you get to old age, it’s too late though to go back in time and serve the community or take better care of your body. So, you have to have the wisdom to do that while you’re young, all the while cultivating deep relationships with family or you’ll end up alone, like Ebenezer Scrooge. Anyway, I digress.

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