Captain’s Blog:Stardate 092202022.2

Given that space can be a hostile environment, I decided to meet up with a group of strangers to possibly have them become Federation allies (friends). The idea to meet these particular individuals came to me based on meetups suggested by holonovelist kurzgesagt (a YouTuber) Things didn’t really play out how I hoped….

Nearby Bajoran sanctuary I explored

I arrived and the meetup seemed to be filled with mostly 20 year looking skinny nerdy guys. (I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised) Eventually, 2 older guys (and thankfully another girl) showed up. The 2 older individuals sat near me. We ended up playing a board game called Red dragon inn…it was boring and tedious. Given that there were about a dozen people playing, turns took long especially because no one was familiar with the game. Conversation stifled…as the game mercifully ended, the 2 older guys and I spoke briefly. The older dudes seemed jaded and left rather quickly. The rest played more board games. I decided to leave after getting the group subspace frequencies (discord server address) and decided to explore a nearby Bajoran sanctuary (church).

A rare look at the Bajoran priest area where they hear confessions.

Back on Starbase 701 (work), things are decent. I got a mostly stellar performance review but towards the tail-end some minor issues were brought to light. I can’t assist Ruby or others nearby due to safety and other concerns (reasonable). I was told someone said I shared my Instagram or blog….NOPE. I asked about an open position and how the search was going for it… Part of me wanted to try to go for it as it’d essentially be a promotion… but the vibe I got made me feel like the timing wasn’t right.

Me thoting it up hahaha.

I feel like I am the most qualified and capable person for the open position but also feel a bit marred by numerous minor missteps. Things would run more efficiently with me, I always have insightful feedback and there’d be almost no training curve. I think it’d be a good gesture to some of the other staff to have “one of them” in management. Still, I think some of my past contentiousness will cause them to pass on me for someone who’s more safe, experienced and more socially compatible with the management team.

This Caitian was suspicious of me

Whatever happens at the Starbase, I’m just happy to be serving aboard. I’m hopeful that I’ll make some new connections and looking forward to the weekend. I plan to explore some interesting rock formations in a nearby quadrant. (Gonna go hiking)

New Counselor Troi’s Office Tomorrow (was already prewritten)

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