Captain’s Log Stardate 05202021.2

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Starfleet received an emergency distress signal from a subspace beacon located not too far away from where our ship was deployed. We were ordered to provide immediate assistance.

Our ship set course for the coordinates provided to us at maximum warp.

As we arrived to the planet, our sensors did not pick up any signs of life. Eventually, my science officer was able to pinpoint the last known coordinates of the ship that sent out the distress beacon. We set out immediately in our shuttlecraft to try to find any survivors. Atmospheric conditions interfered with our ability to transport down.

It was a race against time as both of the suns on the planet were setting; a circumstance which would result in plunging temperatures that would hamper any search and rescue operations.

Eventually, we were able to find the crew that sent off the distress signal. As we returned to our shuttlecraft, we were unable to depart. My chief engineer discovered an issue with the thruster coils. We went back down to the crash site to salvage one of the thruster coils from the wreckage. It wasn’t easy but my first officer was able to pry the coil from the wreckage and fit it on our shuttlecraft.

After returning the displaced crew to their native planet, our ship set course to the Rosevidian system. Here on the ship, there was an abnormal amount of malfunctions in our subsystems. Various parts of the ship fell into disrepair for seemingly no reason and in one instance inexplicably. Just to give an example, the top of a chair just came apart on its own. Two of the galley drawers also came loose. There have been a number of other unusual occurrences that happened which even my crew noticed.

Personally in retrospect, I blame the occurrences on some negative energy that I put out after feeling a bit of envy over the success of another captain. This is not a conclusion I would have came to even a year ago. I would have attributed these issues to random occurrences or perhaps some sort of sabotage by the kids or just the fact that some of the things on the ship are just in disrepair because of age. I used to be a person that was confined by the bounds of rationality and empiricism. Yet…since insisting that any sort of God, demons, alien or extra-dimensional beings show me they exist, I have had some rather bizarre experiences that have changed my mind as to what is possible and out there. I’m always afraid to express these feelings because I worry about how others will perceive me. I’ve always believed in the Carl Sagan quote, ” Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. I’ve yet to be able to document something empirically although I’ve had a few instances that I documented but nothing irrefutable.

Captain’s Log Stardate 05192021.3

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This is the second day that our ship is in orbit around Landis 3 (a park). Our crew was assigned to explore the lush planet and report our findings. Although it is a routine assignment, exploration and discovery is the main mission for Starfleet during times of peace

I find myself endlessly fascinated by the unique flora and fauna found on these undeveloped lands. Vulcan have some remarkable architecture and the Tellerite planet of Francion has some wonderous art, but nature’s power and beauty is unmatched by man-made creations.

When I’m immersed in nature, I feel connected not just to the various forms of life out here but also experience more of a connection to my crew given that there are fewer things to distract their fleeting attention.

Back on the ship, I found myself scrolling through dating profiles. As it stands now, jumping into a relationship is probably a distraction and an indulgence for me, but I find myself wishing for adult companionship nonetheless. I’ve been extra picky for the most part.  I’m hoping to take it slow and find someone that is emotionally healthy, financially stable and more importantly, someone that’s compatible with me and the crew.

Chancellor Eric and I have a close allegiance but I don’t think he’s ready to join any coalitions. I suppose that is sensible considering that his last ally declared war on his planet and he’s still repairing the damage.

Regent Dan’s flight path may bring him in close proximity to Federation space.  It would be quite interesting to have one-on-one in-person negotiations (possible date) with the regent. His civilization would mesh well with the Federation though at least at this point they kept us at a distance as they have more pressing internal matters to deal with that would interfere with any potential allegiance.

As this log comes to a close, I’m optimistic about the future although I still have a bit of bureaucratic duties I need to undertake during the interim.

Sacramento River

Captain’s Log Stardate 05172021.9

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Starfleet had our ship sent out to the Millerite sector to investigate one of the planets in further detail. Long range scans indicated that the fourth planet in the system was an uninhabited riparian habitat, the type of location that would be ideal for future Federation colonist.

Sacramento River

Our crew beamed down to the surface and it wasn’t too long before we came across rudimentary living structures. Upon closer inspection,many of the dwellings had signs they were recently occupied.

My first officer, an expert in xenoanthropology, noted that the dwellings were similar to those constructed by aboriginal Caitians. (Cats) As we journeyed further, our sensors picked up signs of life. Just outside the view of our viewscreens lurked some native inhabitants. Although we were unable to formally document them visually, they continued to observe us from afar. Additionally, we came across cave drawings that seemed to show these natives were sentient and had an affinity for artistic endeavors.

Eventually, the ship was recalled back to patrol the neutral zone. I forwarded our report to Starfleet. Perhaps on a return visit we’ll be able to establish first contact.

While flying to the neutral zone, I had a lot of bureaucratic duties to take care of aboard the ship. During my time at academy, I’d spend a lot of time looking forward to the day that I’d be captain (parent). The sort of freedom that comes with captaining your own ship and having a crew is something that is pushed on younger cadets as the ultimate achievement and path to happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I love going on away missions and the rapport I have with the crew (kids). Just…the constant stream of administrative responsibilities that comes with being a captain can be grueling and irksome at times. There are moments I think I just want to get in a shuttlecraft (car), turn off the navigational array and go wherever the solar winds take me. Then again, it probably wouldn’t be long before I wanted a ship and crew once more to lead. As they say, the spacial anomaly is always brighter on the other side.

As an aside, I loaded full resolution pictures here and if the site is taking too long to load please let me know and ill reduce the resolution on future posts. I hope what I put here has made your day a lil better.

I also just narrated this and started a podcast. You can visit it at

Captain’s Log Stardate 05162021.6

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Per our orders from Starfleet, the crew and I went on shore leave, mostly. I did take lieutenant Tino to sickbay in order for my chief medical officer to administer his covid shot. I’m due back in sickbay for my booster shot this Thursday. Subsequently, our ensign layed in a course for the Lagunis system.

Surprisingly, the crew had resisted the idea of going on an away mission. Yet later on they seemed to enjoy thier time. I did have to save my lieutenant from one of the animals during the mission, otherwise things went smoothly.

The following day, I took Tino swimming. I forgot how much he used to love to spend time in the water next to me. If there was no artificial cap I think we could have spent hours swimming with each other. I think it’s something that I want to try to make be his thing. Bella has her piano, Noah has his cooking, and I wish that we had a swimming pool here so he could do that here but the Y will have to suffice for now. I am a bit disappointed that the launch in my website only got like three likes and barely a blip. I’ve got more traction out of meme posts! Yet, I’m going to try to be undaunted by this and press forward. Nothing worth having comes without hard work and I need to get at it and the other things I’m trying to do.

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Captain’s Log Stardate 05142021.5

I spent my morning rather frustrated by my lot in life. I then channeled that energy into my walk and subsequently into my swim. It was only about halfway through my swim that my anger subsided. When I think on it further, I believe part of my frustration has to do with failing to get other powers to join the Federation.

I’m finally ready to be assigned to another post (get a job) but I’m unsure how I’m going to manage my duties as far as taking the crew (the kids) to Starfleet Academy (school) and watching them if I have to go to a job site.

I finally got around to seriously working on this site. It took me hours upon hours. I’m sure it’d take a professional maybe 2 hours tops. For me, my specialty is in counseling, not engineering. I continuously had to look up tutorials and click around til the site looked like I envisioned.

I had previously resolved not work on the Sabbath but I find myself here…I believe God knows I’d just end up thinking about how to get my site up and running anyhow. I really plan to rest tomorrow and spend time with the crew.

Captain’s Log Stardate 05132021.8

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Our crew (the kids and I) was assigned to the Landis system (a park) to monitor the inhabitants to see if the civilization was ready for Federation membership. The Landis system has a number of prosperous planets located within. Observing the living conditions, I couldn’t help but to think that some of the citizens are living in a relative paradise. In order to stay positive, I eventually turned my attention elsewhere

I’ve been staying in regular contact with General Brandi/Brian and Chancellor Eric. Somehow, I find myself trying to help people who are probably doomed to their miserable lot in life. I suppose I consider it my penance to try to help those that seem beyond redemption because I feel like I was helped despite my previous dire trajectory. I know most people are inclined to say that they don’t have any fucks to give. I always felt like I had a few left, though there’s few left. Eric at least has had to wherewithall to realize that he’s on thin ice with me and it’s supposedly on a different path; one leading to sobriety. I’ve heard that song many times from my mom and Brian. He’s still intriguing so at the very least I’ll give him a bit more rope.

I called Brian out for being a scumbag due to the fact that he’s currently taking advantage of a methadone patient. He’s under this assumption that he’s helping the addict though… From everything I can tell they’re both using each other till the next better thing comes along. He sent me a love song via subspace (text). I just can’t believe that me and him were once so closely allied. Meanwhile, Brian is convinced he’s doing the right thing…

Aside from working out a lot and doing a lot of chores, I’ve been working on launching my own webpage. It has been a lot more tedious than I thought it would be. I’m going to try and have it ready by tomorrow and then once again focus on my writing. I hope to make it easier for people to access my writing and pictures because somehow, discord is less accessible for some people. Going forward, I’ve got a variety of short stories I’m going to push out but also I’d like to put together 2 separate books. During the interim I’m applying for some jobs that I can do remotely. I been spending a lot and need to bring in some money. For now, I’ve decided to cut a few expenses. Til then, I’m ready to set course for my next adventure Star Trek the next generation closing credits music