Captain’s Log Stardate 05162021.6

Per our orders from Starfleet, the crew and I went on shore leave, mostly. I did take lieutenant Tino to sickbay in order for my chief medical officer to administer his covid shot. I’m due back in sickbay for my booster shot this Thursday. Subsequently, our ensign layed in a course for the Lagunis system.Continue reading “Captain’s Log Stardate 05162021.6”

Captain’s Log Stardate 05142021.5

I spent my morning rather frustrated by my lot in life. I then channeled that energy into my walk and subsequently into my swim. It was only about halfway through my swim that my anger subsided. When I think on it further, I believe part of my frustration has to do with failing to getContinue reading “Captain’s Log Stardate 05142021.5”

Captain’s Log Stardate 05132021.8

Our crew was assigned to the Landis system to monitor the inhabitants to see if the civilization was ready for Federation membership. The Landis system has a number of prosperous planets located within. Observing the living conditions, I couldn’t help but to think that some of the citizens are living in a relative paradise. InContinue reading “Captain’s Log Stardate 05132021.8”